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Help us keep this service open, free and ad free. I made this service one day as a distraction instead of doing what I probably should have been doing that day. Ironically this was probably a lot more work than what I was avoiding doing. I had always wished a service like this existed back when I ran an IT company that provided support for small businesses and home users, so I made one. It turns out I am not the only one who needed something like this as now a great many people use the service every day worldwide! So far this service has been offered completely free and ideally it will stay that way forever, although it does take resources and costs money to keep running. That and at this point with the number of users there are reguarly new feature requests, bug fixes and other items which require time and attention to be carried out. If you feel so compelled then we appreciate your tips. Below are a list of cryptocurrencies and addresses which we accept for donations. You are also welcome to leave us some kind words like these other people did by using our contact form. Other things you can do to help are linking to us from your site, sharing us on your social media (there are some buttons towards the bottom of this page to assist with that if you'd like), and posting about us on your favorite forums (with links of course). We are putting absolutely no effort into our SEO or search engine rankings as we figure if we provide a good service that sort of thing should come naturally.

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