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Donate Your Bitcoin & Crypto Dust

Do you have bitcoin dust laying around which you don't know what to do with?
Why not help us by donating your dust!

What exactly is bitcoin and crypto dust? Let us explain...

The process is very simple. You will need access to your private key, for which you will simply paste in the box below and click submit. IMPORTANT after doing this you should discard this private key / bitcoin address and never use it again. The reason for this is because now you have shared your private key with someone (us) and at some point we will spend the contents of it. If you go and put more bitcoin on the adress at a later time we will spend that as well which is probably not something you want and we won't be responsible for paying you back if this happens. You may notice for quite some time that the address you submitted (since you will still know it) still contains a balance, and this is because we may not have spent it yet (probably because transaction fees were still too high to move it). Lastly if we haven't spent your donated address yet technically you could still spend it if you change your mind, however please keep in mind that this is basically the same as taking a penny back out of the tip jar. Lastly please make sure the key you are pasting is the correct one / one you intend to donate. We are not and will not be responsible for you pasting the wrong key!

Paste Your Private Key Here (at the moment we only support bitcoin (btc) dust in base58 format.