Is My Email Working

Contact Form Bloopers

Because c'mon we are doing this service for free so we have to have at least a little fun with it. If your comments have ended up here it's because you didn't read the instructions here. Any personally identifyable information has been removed from each comment to maintain users' privacy which we take very seriously.

"My email account does not receive and send emails"
- You should check out this website, it might be able to help you. Hint: Try reading the information on the site.

"why doing such things"
- somebody didn't read the contact form 3 times in a row. Yes the next 2 are the same person moments apart.

"get back to me"

"yes i need your help"

"please install my e-mail"
- please read the contact form

"I can receive e mails can I send them?"
- great question, have you tried our free round trip email test?

"Please check my email inbox"
- at least this one asked nicely

"I need to know that my email sending procedre works or not"
- I'll bet you do. I'll even bet that is why you are here.

"You're asking me to prove I'm human -- do you want blood or will a stool sample suffice???"
- I'll take this into consideration as a feature request.

"Ayy guys whats' up pls respond Yours,"
- no thank you.

"in my emailer Outlook is not working perfectly in my e"
- sounds serious

"more emails, please"
- sorry we don't spam, but if we did you'd be first on my list!

"Back resp"
- ?

- fail

"tast given by my boos. i done that then how to reply him"
- you'r boos will be so impressed!

"Is it working"
- question for the ages

"Is my email working"
- this person may never find out.

- fingers crossed!

"Not recieving new mail"
- sorry to hear

"my e-mail doesn't want to be added on the gmail app on my phone"
- you might want to call somebody about that

"Need to know if I can send emails from this new address."
- we all need something

"Does my email work?"
- if only I got a nickel for each of these, then I'd have a lot of nickels!

"Test my mail."
- no, you test it

"I wanted you to send me a short message to my email to see if it's working"
- um, that is exactly what this service does. I want you to read 3 the simple instructions.

- fail

"Test one two three"
- four. Did that help?

"I would like to receive emails.I'm not receiving emails.Please check and test."
- you are going to have to do this one yourself. Good luck!

"not getting any email on my computer"
- relax you are not alone. That's the same reason that so many other people end up on this website as well.

"I don't receive your email"
- then clearly your email isn't working.

"email not sending"
- bummer

"Please I tried to great my email on my mobile phone but when I sent e-mail to someone else didn't get please help"
- sounds like you both need to use this service.

"Please send me the procedure of sending email work in the detail"
- I don't think I can help you. Have you read the TPS reports?

"No emails can bee sent and no emails in any way coming in"
- bummer. So then the answer for you must be no, your email is not working.

"this is a test"
- how'd it go?

"Hi,is my email working"
- how do I get paid for every time someone asks this question?

"check my email server"
- check our simple instructions

- fail

"I have had my for 15 years. Somehow yahoo added a 1 after my name so my e-mail won’t come up. they even gave me one that user name only. comes up everytime I open the computer and no matter what password I create so I can elleminate it. Message says wrong password."
- yikes!

"why isn't my email working"
- great question

"http://why is my email not working-contact asps"
- this is the same person as the entry above this one. I don't think they are ever going to find out why.

"It seems like I can't send clips out on my e mail"
- you don't say?

"why is mail all going to spam"
- why are you asking me?

"It isn't working, i did change my Microsoft password and since then my e mail isn't really working"
- um, thanks for letting me know, I guess

"my mail is coming in on OUTLOOK. Is that where it is supposed to go?"
- I don't know how to respond to this, even here

"can you please reply to this email so that i know that i can send emails"
- the struggle is real

"certificate problem to send emails"
- sounds serious

"I can't send emails"
- you also can't read instructions


"see if email is working"
- ok

"I want to know if my email is working."
- I'll bet you do

"I just want to know to whether my email is working or not"
- yes, you and everybody else who has come to this website

"please check"
- no thank you

"apparently they are involved and I do not how to fix it"
- they are everywhere! resistance is futile

"not working ?"
- probably not, but even if it was I'm not sure it would make a difference

"ok can you just reply please saying yes?"
- seriously?

"I seem to be able to recieve emails but not send them"
- thanks for sharing

"Still not getting in and out emails"
- still not reading the instructions on the contact form

"trying to get emails in and out"
- good luck