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"Thanks for this tool. I set up my own email server a while back and everything has been working for a long time but I recently added a second domain to be handled by it. I used this tool to ensure emails went to where they were supposed to go and the two domains on a single server weren't getting mixed up (which is probably hard to do by accident, but you never know). Quick and easy tool. Thanks. by the way.. is my email working? I want to be on the bloopers ;)"

"I've been using your service for a while now, and I love it! I basically learned "postfix" with it. All of the other email testing services would eventually block me, but not you guys. PS. I'd love to tip but I don't want to bother with cryptocurrencies. Do you have a PayPal account that I could send money to?"

"Thanks for the great site - I've use it quite often to solve connectivity issues."

"Hi! I love this site. I just wondered, is there a way to keep up with any updates on it? Is there a repo I can contribute to or anything?"

"Thanks for the email tool. I added a link to you on our site."

"Hi, I just wanted to have a moment to write a thank you for whoever is maintaining this service ( I found it delightful that someone had actually made a free service for anyone to use. I know (from developer's standpoint) that many people don't do this kind of free services because they might be abused, or because there might be additional overhead if something goes wrong at some point in the future. For that risk you've taken, and for altruistic offer that you do for free of charge for total strangers at the Internet I want to say thank you."

"You already helped me, your advanced test feature is just the job! Fabulous! Huge thank you :)"

"Hi there, Just to say thank you for existing. You've helped me a lot in learning Exchange and getting my server up and running. I have no online presence so I can't promote you, but maybe I will one day. Thank you!"

"Is there a catch? Why is this free? How do you make money?"

"Thank you now working!"

"Working marvelous!"

"I use this service all the time. Any chance I can donate $5?"

"Thanks my e mail is now working"

"Thanks for your help appreciate it!"

"Thanks for this useful service"