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PLEASE READ: Some jerk has apparently started sending out huge batches of spam for all sorts of garbage and has included a link to our contact page within the emails. We are not sending these emails and have nothing to do with them and also wish this person would remove the link though we have no way to find them or stop them :( Rest assured we are not spamming you, in fact we are not even sending you these emails. If you would kindly look at the sender/from address of the emails you would notice they are not from our website. Likely this will stop soon as these sorts of people are usually shut down pretty fast by their ISP's but in the meantime I hate to say but filling out this contact form and asking us to stop will not help because we are not doing it. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: DO NOT contact us about increasing our search engine rankings. We'll just leave that up to fate. If you do we will never see your email. On that note for legitimate contactors please do not put words like SEO or ranking in your message, it will cause the message to be deleted automatically and we will never see it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also Note: We realize it doesn't make much sense that we are asking for your email address below if you are contacting us because your email is not working. The thing is, you shouldn't be contacting us if your email is not working. We don't fix it for you, we just help you figure it out.

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