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Terms Of Service

We want you to use this service and we are offering it to you FREE of charge. We hope you find it useful. The creator of this service made it because he was just a guy who knew about computers and got tired of everyone bothering him about their email not working. That being said, we don't want you to abuse this service. Now at the time of writing this we can't see too many ways a human could abuse this service although we are sure there are some creative folks out there that could find a way (please don't). If we find that you are abusing this service you will be banned from using it. If that doesn't work we will even hunt you down and turn you over to officials of the law. This site runs out of the United States of America where recently they have been extraditing people for counterfeit jeans. I wouldn't piss them off, and no that is not a challenge. And just an FYI what we define as "abusing" will be left up to our discretion, and no it is not abuse to test your email over-and-over again so long as it is legitimate. We will know if it is not. And just to be clear, we only want bona fide human beings using this service, not bots. Any use of this service by a non-singular human (ok maybe alien life forms are ok, what we mean is bots and automated systems, and human farms) is not allowed and we will ban you and take action as necessary.